NHBC Standards 2011

8.4 Finishings and fitments


This Chapter gives guidance on meeting the Technical Requirements and recommendations for fitments and cupboards, internal trim and finishings


8.4 - D1Design standards
8.4 - D2Cupboards and fitments
8.4 - D3Finishings and internal trim
8.4 - D4Provision of information

8.4 - D1
Design shall meet the Technical Requirements

Design that follows the guidance below will be acceptable for finishings and fitments.


8.4 - D2
The builder shall provide fixed and built-in fitments in accordance with the specification

Items to be taken into account include:

(a) kitchen facilities

The specification should cover space or facilities for:

  • preparation and cooking of food
  • washing up, drying and storage of dishes and utensils
  • storage of dry foods
  • storage of perishable foods
  • laundering
  • storage of domestic cleaning appliances, part of which should be suitable for brooms, upright cleaners and similar equipment.

Space or facilities for laundering and cleaning items may be provided outside the kitchen area.

A circulation space of not less than one metre should be provided in front of all work surfaces, cupboards and appliances provided. For design purposes, when work surfaces, cupboards and appliances are intended (but not provided) they should be assumed to be 600mm deep.

(b) storage space

Storage space should also include space or provision for:

  • general storage
  • storage of clothes, linen and bedding and, in homes which do not have central, or whole home, heating, their airing.

(c) airing cupboards

Airing cupboards are required in homes which do not have central, or whole home, heating. In other cases they are optional.

Where provided, airing cupboards should have:

  • not less than 0.5m2 of easily reached shelving suitable for the airing of clothes
  • a vertical space between shelves of not less than 300mm
  • a suitable heat source, such as a hot water cylinder or an equivalent.

Care is necessary when designing airing cupboards. To be accessible, the shelving should be placed not higher than 1.5m.

The airing area should be separated from other storage.

Airing area

(d) hinges

To reduce movement and shrinkage, doors should be hung on hinges as follows:

Location of doorHinges
Airing cupboard 1½ pairs x 75mm
Other internal fitments1 pair x 75mm


8.4 - D3
Finishings and internal trim shall be suitable for their location and intended use

Items to be taken into account include:

(a) wood trim

All trim should be of adequate size to mask joints around built-in fitments, etc allowing for movement and shrinkage.

Any wood trim in the vicinity of fireplaces or heating appliances should be fixed at not less than the statutory minimum distance from heat sources and be arranged to minimise movement and shrinkage.

Special consideration should be given to the positioning of finishings and trim in relation to cable runs, light points, socket outlets, door furniture, handrails, balustrades, etc.

(b) non-wood trim

Proprietary trim items should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.


8.4 - D4
All relevant information shall be produced in a clearly understandable format and distributed to appropriate personnel

Ensure that design and specification information is issued to site supervisors and relevant specialist subcontractors and/or suppliers.