NHBC Standards 2011

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How do I find the information I am looking for?

  • All parts are listed on the left-hand menu, when any Part is selected the list of Chapters within that part will be displayed.
  • Within each Chapter you will see there are tabs which provide access to Design, Materials, Sitework and Appendices. In Chapter 4.2 there is an additional tab to access the electronic foundation depth calculator.
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  • Each Chapter has a Chapter index which helps locate key terms.
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  • If you are looking for a particular keyword or phrase, enter the term into the site search. All references made to the term in the Standards document will be presented, in context. Click on the most appropriate entry to be taken to the full requirement.

How can I tell what content has changed in this version?

The changes to the content for this year are as follows:

 Major changes:

  • Chapter 3.1 'Low or zero carbon technologies'. This new Chapter has been prepared by NHBC to provide guidance to house builders who are including low or zero carbon technologies. This Chapter deals with biomass boilers, heat pumps, solar photovoltaics, solar thermal water heating and wind turbines.
  • Chapter 4.6 'Vibratory ground improvement techniques' has been updated to reflect current practice in the vibro industry.


Minor changes:

  • Chapter 4.1 'Land quality-managing ground conditions'' has been updated to reflect changes in both British and European Standards for managing hazardous ground. The revised Chapter has a new flow diagram to better describe the procedure.

  • Chapter 8.3 'Floor finishes' has been amended to provide better guidance where ceramic floor tiles are to be laid on timber floors, which has long been a problem for NHBC.

  • References to British Standards have been changed to the new Eurocodes throughout the Standards. (These changes are not identified by a red vertical marker).

All other minor changes are identified by a red vertical marker adjacent to the relevant paragraph and the revised text underlined in red. 

Can I print out the Standards?

At the top of each page you will find a ‘Print this page’ link which will enable you to print out individual sections. The prints produced are in a printer-friendly format, however if you require a full hard copy we suggest you use the PDF version also found on the CD or purchase a hard-copy from the e-shop at www.nhbc.co.uk (opens in a new window).

Please note:

Throughout this application of the Standards coloured content text is used as follows:

  • Red text = Technical Requirements that must be met by the builder
  • Black text = Performance Standards for Design, Materials and Sitework.
  • Blue text = Guidance (on how the Performance Standards may be met).

All links in the application will be displayed in blue to indicate they provide access to another part of the application, the colour coding outlined above relates to body text only.